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We've already helped over 100 companies increase their clients and multiply their sales.

Welcome to Vanilla Digital. A Google and Facebook certified growth marketing agency, recognized by Mercado Libre.

After working with big brands, we decided to apply our experience to help small brands transform into major clients.

How we generate thousands of recurring sales for our clients.

You've probably worked with agencies or "social media experts" who don't generate any sales. Does that sound familiar?

90% of agencies don't know how to measure your profitability. They focus on posting beautiful content on social media but have no idea about performance marketing.

In 2015, after working for renowned brands worldwide, we decided to apply what we learned to our own Ecommerce business.

We sold over $4 million in the first 3 years and were recognized by Google, Facebook, and featured as a success case on MercadoShops, becoming a top 5 company in Latin America.

After this, we were invited to give seminars and marketing talks for small and medium-sized businesses, explaining our growth marketing methodology.

Finally, we decided to launch Vanilla Digital to help hundreds of small businesses grow their ventures through the GO methodology.

Behind every story, there are people. Meet our founders.

In almost 20 years, we've worked for clients such as Disney, MTV, Warner Channel, Sony, Lego, Starbucks, Peugeot, and Nike. After launching our own design and lifestyle e-commerce in 2015 and being selected by Google as one of the top 15 young brands with great potential in the region, we decided to help small businesses through Vanilla Digital, our performance marketing agency founded in 2020.

Maru Eskenazi

CEO & Co-Founder

Ariel Chamson

CMO & Co-Founder

A talented team of marketers, designers, content creators, and data analysts.

Lucía Torres

Account Director

Agostina Aranda

Art Director

Jared Farfán

Paid Media Director

Paula Heredia

Account Executive

Martina Soria

Account Executive

Javier Benitez

Graphic Designer

Ele Babusceac

Social Media Designer

Jesús Cajal

Paid Media Analyst

Micaela Torrisi

Social Media Strategist

Bianca Diez

Community Manager

Constanza Guëna

UI / UX Designer

Valentina Bazzo

Community Manager

We feel honored to have been featured in various media.

The GO methodology enables us to multiply your sales through the following services.

Growth Strategy

Designing a masterful marketing strategy with a focus on sales generation is our first step.

Paid Media

We launch high-performance advertising campaigns that reach millions of people with less investment.

Social Media

We produce strategic content on social media to attract customers, showcase your products and services, and build loyalty with your audience.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great channel for nurturing customers, fostering loyalty, and generating recurring purchases.

We design meaningful brands, logos, and stationery to position your brand above the competition from the very beginning.

Brand Design

We implement an automated sales funnel to increase conversion rates and streamline your sales process.

Funnel Marketing

CRO & Performance

We analyze metrics, optimize campaigns, and implement Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) techniques to improve your ROI and drive more sales.

Marketing Automation

When you start receiving hundreds or thousands of daily inquiries, it's time to begin automating your sales actions and customer touchpoints.

Diseño Web

We design landing pages and websites to gather data, receive inquiries, and convert visitors into loyal customers.

Feel free to reach out to us. We're here to assist you.